Bathroom to change the overall bathroom maintenance Raiders list

    The car, bag should do regular maintenance work, sanitary ware is no exception, weekly cleaning, bath to Sasa powder, leading to wax, with a soft brush to brush the basin, which can keep the bathroom clean, can prolong the service life of these products.
    A week to shower faucet "remover"
    Shower often stick to a wide variety of bath lotion, shampoo, detergent, etc., these washing supplies will become shiny chrome plated faucet surface. Take a neutral detergent spray on a soft cotton cloth, and then gently wipe the faucet, once a week, you can give the tap a perfect discharge makeup". However, do not use acid or abrasive cleansers, wire brush to wipe tap. Clean the scale is the maintenance of shower inevitable, according to the different function of shower, wash your hands, will shower head cover or other adsorption scale components removed, after washing brush and then back in place. Some brands sold in the shower when equipped with a shower head special opening tool, easy to use.
    Some shower water outlet using the design of rubber particle, rubber material is soft to the touch, comfortable, and is not easy to fouling, easy cleaning, only need to use your finger to wipe gently rubber particles, can easily scale rubbing, pop. Even some shower with automatic cleaning function, use for a long time best will also open the shower head a thorough manual cleaning.
    Bath tub maintenance can be used soda powder
    Under normal circumstances, use neutral cleaning detergent or soap and water cleansing bath is better, avoid the use of ceramic tile or enamel surface cleaning agent for, it is best to each week cleaning time and ensure that the bath after each use to maintain dry. Cleaning the bath tub can use a neutral liquid detergent and use a flexible cloth or sponge. Corrosive cleaning agents will stay in Yakeli the surface damage, after each use to thoroughly clean the surface of acrylic, do not let the clean agent into the circulatory system; will not fill liquid cleaning agent placed in containers for a long time bath surface, also do not use spray or thickening agent or other similar cleaning supplies. Do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, they will make the bath rust and dirty surface. In addition, with the use of soda powder to remove dirt effect is also good.
    If it is the use of hot spring water bath, there are a few points to pay extra attention to. The best buy in pharmacies, disinfection of water drops, drops in the bath, in disinfection of water. Can also buy yourself a water softener, the hot spring water after water softener and flows into the tub, remove water minerals and impurities.
    Leading recommend regular waxing
    Tap for a long time will produce dirt lost luster, cleaning to avoid the use of the surface of the metal polishing cleaning agents and cleaning supplies. Is best to use the brand name of the company to provide the special cleaning agent, and to immediately with clean water to remove residual detergent wash clean, reoccupy soft cloth cleaning residues on the surface of water droplets.
    As for wiping tool, most green fiber cushion or sponge contain mineral particles, when in use will on the leading surface cause scratch, please note that the acrylic resin to be qualified. The tap water marks the hard water available 50/50 aqueous solution of white vinegar and gently wipe. Recommend regular waxing, car wax or wax furniture selection.
    Avoid cleaning the bathroom basin of hot water
    Usually clean, the bathroom porcelain basin appearance with a soft brush or sponge dipped in a neutral detergent washing, but avoid directly into the hot water washing, in order to avoid disruption of the basin. Once the basin formed on the surface of tiny scratches become rough, easily deposited dirt. In addition, the basin below the water storage bend usually can be detached for maintenance, the accumulation of dirt removal, maintain smooth drainage.
    If the next block type wash basin, when cleaning, but also pay special attention to the table below and the junction of the dead part of the basin.