2015 Shanghai Kitchen: adhere to the people-oriented suerda sanitaryware brand road

The twentieth China International Exhibition for kitchen and bathroom facilities and a series of Theme Exhibition on June 3, 2015 -6 days held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, which is not a trade show than usual, she not only represents the development Chinese kitchen industry the depth and breadth and height, and pregnant with the main trend of the development of Chinese kitchen industry; she more and more governments, kitchen industry, the mainstream media, and the residential construction industry and consumers attention, support and actively participate in..
This year, suerda sanitaryware entered the thirty years of age, black and blue and white booth style embodies the spirit of our steadily. Since its establishment in 1985, suerda sanitaryware has developed into a set design, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Products include faucets, bathroom accessories, stainless steel sink, bathroom cabinet, ceramics and other series of kitchen products, currently has 1000 kinds of style. This kitchen is to bring the flame series faucets, showers, constant temperature intelligent toilet and other products.
Our brand strength comes from the product quality after all, our people as the brand for life, depending on the quality of water. From material to process, to produce from the equipment, each step has strict quality management, our products to adopt the European standard of drinking water of the copper material, the international standard of drinking water and health of the 17 elements, to ensure that products meet the European countries on human health requirement. To ensure that the consumer is environmentally friendly, healthy, with first-class quality products.
In product development, product designer of the famous German suerda sanitaryware chair design, plumbing products adopt international advanced production testing equipment, to ensure the products meet the international trend and meet international standards.
To join the dealers, suerda participate in store decoration, take a large proportion of the renovation costs and part of display sample cost. Carefully choose to join partners at the same time, to join the business to provide a complete policy protection and incentives, strict business district protection, comprehensive training support.
With the increasingly fierce market competition, consumer demand change, suerda should also city move, began to do the whole bathroom supplier, with their own advantages, integration of resources, to provide a full set of bathroom products sales and service, first-class brand towards the whole bathroom steady forward, usher in a more brilliant future.