Free combination
Inspired by magic cube, the user can freely mix and match into a personalized product.
Aerator module
Modularize the way of water outlet. Change from the waterfall to the traditional cylindrical water, random replacement, the user can change aerator based on theirs own preferences.
Placement platform
Integrated on a wooden made horizontal placement platform , it can meet your requirements for more compartment space . Panel is double - drawer designed , The combination of raw material and traditional crafts minimize the material waste.
Simple geometric combinations
with gliding lines design

12cm*12cm Large S pace & 1.3cm Slim Design
Elegant and ultrathin handle & unique aerator design
Display the design concept of simple and fashion

The difference between mild wood
and tough metal

Striking, but natural and compatible

Melting of cold and warm tone

Wood, brush the surface with environmental-friendly wax oil, maintain
ing natural color and texture.Natural yellowish color and clear wood
grain make people feel warm and comfortable .The mirror-polished tap
the surface, highlighting the exquisite of modern technology.Elegant
silver and strong metallic, it feels quite and peaceful.

Red Dot Award

Red Dot Award From germany. It can be said that the red dot is on par with the iF prize for an industrial design award, is the world famous design
One of the biggest and most influential competitions in the competition. Each year, by the German Nordhein Westfalen Zentrum organized by the design innovation contest awards. The judges
After the evaluation of the level of innovation, function, human body function, ecological impact and durability of the participating products, the final products are selected.

The core value of SUERDA barand Each product strives to perfect
Every idea implies a responsibility
Every challenge means an opportunity
Every right is an obligation